Monday, October 29, 2007

Major Works of Eric S. Maskin

Eric S. Maskin

"An Equilibrium Analysis of Search and Breach of Contract", with P.A. Diamond 1979, Bell JE

"The Implementation of Social Choice", with P. Dasgupta and P. Hammond, 1979, RES

"A Differentiable Approach to Expected Utility Maximizing Mechanisms" with J.J. Laffont, 1979, in Laffont, editor, Aggregation and Revelation of Preferences

"A Differentiable Approach to Dominant Strategy Mechanisms" with J.J. Laffont, 1980, Econometrica

"The Theory of Incentives" with J.J. Laffont, 1982, in Hildenbrand, editor, Advances in Economic Theory

"Monopoly with Incomplete Information", with J. Riley, 1984, Rand JE

"Optimal Auctions with Risk Averse Buyers", with J. Riley, 1984, Econometrica

"Auction Theory and Private ValueS", 1985, AER

"An Example of a Repeated Partnership Game with Discounting and with Uniformly Inefficient Equilibria", with R. Radner and R.B.Myerson, 1986, RES

"The Existence of Equilibrium in Discontinuous Economic Games", with P. Dasgupta, 1986, RES

"Optimal Non-Linear Pricing with Two-Dimensional Characteristics" with J.J. Laffont and J.C. Rochet, 1987, in Groves et al., editors, Information, Incentives and Economic Mechanisms

"The Principal-Agent Relationship with an Informed Principal", with J. Tirole, 1990, Econometrica

"Renegotiation in Repeated Games", with J. Farrell, 1989, Games and Econ Behav

"Repeated Games with Long Run and Short Run Players", with D. Fudenberg and D. Kreps, 1990, RES

"Nash and Perfect Eqilibria of Discounted Repeated Games", with D. Fudenberg, 1990, JET

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